Two way communication with M-PC and MSD 3d on same CPU

I mistakenly posted in the wrong forum and was asked to repost here.

I am having problems with my bi-directional communitcation between M-PC and MSD 3d on the same CPU.

When I work in M-PC everything is fine. However when I work in MSD 3D the changes are not reflected in M-PC

Is there a setting I need to be aware of?

I am starting MSD 3d from under the blue ball as instructed.

What changes are not reflected ?
The two way communication is limited to the selection and the focus tool. Changes to other DMX channels won’t be communicated back to M-PC.
A while back we had problems with this as well. In that case the communication worked sometimes depending on the show file of the M-PC.
Would it be possible for you to send us ( ) the M-PC showfile and the MSD scene ?

Sent files off. No response as of yet.

We have been testing with your scene, and so far it looks like in MSD we communicate all changes about selection and focus to M-PC, but they do not seem to react to the information.
We will contact them (We at lighthouse only develop the MSD software), and check what is happening on their side.


Thank you for the update. I appreciate it.