U King ZQ - B54E fixture type invalid

Hi All,

I have been playing around a lot lately with the new 1219 version of Onyx but am having issues with this one fixture profile for a moving head.
Upon trying to load it, it shows “fixture invalid” and I am not able to use it at all. I can open it in the editor but even after saving a copy of it with a different name in the user fixtures it will still not work correctly.image

I rely on this profile and spent a lot of time creating it. Is there something I can do to use it in the new 1219 version?

U_King_Mini_LED_Spot_V5_11_Ch.FixtureTypeErrorReport.Onyx.xml (594 Bytes)
U KingMini LED Spot V4.Fixture (85.3 KB)

Addition: The Fixture Editor is having a hard time loading and displaying manufacturer color and gobo images. I was not able to see any gobos in the menu but only when clicking the grey buttons, where they supposedly are and then looking at them in the preview window.