update to onyx - nothing in patch no cues or presets

hi all ive just updated from mpc to onyx, the "beforelastload.onyxshow is 7.3MB once this is save the new file is 1.3 mb, however all patch presets and cues are lost. Really hoping i dont have to start from scratch. all help and advise apprecated

ok that got the heart racing. importing last known good Maxxy file seems to have every thing covered

You need to load the “beforeonyx.maxxyz” file from “My Maxxyz Files”. That is the backup of your active show.

Facing the exact same issue, tried altering but still getting the error, did you get any way out yet?


Yes check the show size in KB / MB you will probably see the show that is empty/very low KB/MB look to load the last saved on MPC it will update and all data gets converted to new show format.

There seem to be something screwy in the initial auto conversion