Using M-Series and Visualizer on different computers

I’m looking to using my MSD more to learn M-Series software and I had a bunch of trouble trying to use them both on the same computer. Hence I have decided now to go a different direction with both softwares on different computers. My questions is:

Is there a tutorial on how to connect 2 different computers together or somewhere in the manual that I’m missing?

One of my computers is running M-Series with an M2PC, and my other computer is running MSD Visualizer.

I know at the there is an option button in MSD on the bottom left to select different DMX inputs but I don’t understand my next step.

Also I went into M-Series under MENU - NETWORK and tried to find something there but I stuck.

Any help would be awesome!

Check this out

Console t PC or PC to PC, it is the same.

Make sure the firewall is off


Thanks for the info. I’m a little unclear about how to configure my PC settings for both computers.