V4.2.1039 motorised Playback Wing bug (in use with Martin M1)

  1. I noticed that when connecting a Motorised Playback Wing to an M1 on address 1 (different then 0 as in the M1), the motorised faders do not move when on the same bank as the M1’s playback bank. The motorised faders should jump into position when the fader on the M1 is set and you move your finger away from the fader. So the motorised faders do not follow the M1.

  2. The fader value on the screen ONLY changes when using the motorised faders on the wing BEFORE the fader of the same cuelist and bank is used on the M1. As soon as you move ‘the same’ fader on the M1, the fader on the wing is out of order and is not able to change the value anymore of that cuelist.

So these 2 issues make use of a motorised fader wing in combination with an M1 in this software version, useless.

Please confirm that you can replicate.