When re-trigger Wave FX, why it does not start from the first fixture in the order?

For example, I have created an Intensity FX preset for 8 movers, with wave value set to 8, so they are chasing one after another in a loop. I have also created an “FX Off” preset with swing and speed being “Stop”. If I try to re-trigger the Intensity FX again after stopping it, the FX behaves like “resuming” from where the FX previously “paused” instead of starting from the first fixture in the order.

Hopefully someone can tell me if I am doing something wrong. It is very annoying when in a Cuelist, every time the FX cue triggers the “wave” starts from a different fixture instead of the first one in the order.

Any suggestions?

That is how the FX Engine is designed. The wave ‘cycle’ position isn’t reset when you set swing or speed to 0.