When two cues don't share parameters, what's the easiest way to...

Let’s say you have two separate cue lists.

In one cue list, you have 3 fixtures set to fade in 2.5s to WW on cue 1.

In another cue list, you have 3 additional fixtures set to fade in 2.5s to WW on cue 1.

When you activate the playback for the first cue list, 3 lights fade in. When you activate the 2nd cue list, 3 additional lights fade in. Now there are two active cue lists because neither cue list contains programming values for the fixtures in the other.

Now, release all cues and start over. Only this time, after activating the 1st cue list, we want the 1st cue list to release when we activate the 2nd cue list while fading in the next 3 fixtures.

So, I would make sure that in the 2nd cue list, that the 100% values of the 3 fixtures in the first CL are also saved to the 2nd CL Cue 1.

That’s easy.

QUESTION: When I have two cues such as this, with MANY more parameters for many more fixtures, is there a quick way to identify what’s recorded in the first cue of CL1, and then compare against CL2 so the parameters that WEREN’T recorded in CL2 can be added to ensure the playback is released when CL2 is activated, and then ADD those values to CL2 Cue 1?

What about adding a marcro to CL2 to release CL1

I could do that, but that’s not what I’m trying to learn how to do.

Use the programmer!
and the Load function