M1 External Monitor Problem


Hello All,

I recently tried to use an external monitor on an M1 running 4.0.1010. The monitor connected properly & I could move the curser from the internal display to the external monitor without any issues. However, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to configure a window layout on the external monitor. In the workspace & display settings menus, it was as if ONYX was not recognizing that there was an external monitor attached. I tried rebooting the console & even reinstalling the OS. No change. Is there something I’m missing? Or is external monitor support still broken?

Thanks in advance,



Hey Rob,

Did you make sure to enable the second screen in the ONYX display settings? Sorry I can’t provide a screen shot at this time. I believe it is menu/system/display. Or something like that.

Hope this helps,



There are issues using DVI for the external monitor that we can not correct as the driver for the Intel chipset isnt developed any more.
Use VGA and make sure to toggle it in the displays menu.


I was using the VGA connection - sorry, I should have specified that.

I toggled VGA in the menu, but it didn’t seem to make a difference. I could see the cursor on the external screen, but couldn’t create a workspace on it. I’ll try exploring further the next time I’m working with this setup.