Overrides on OSC Virtual Playbacks


Is there a way to make Overides on the Virtual Playbacks work properly via TouchOSC?

When operating Overides via the Virtual Playbacks screen they work properly, hold & release work just like a flash button on the main playbacks.

However when using TouchOSC it just latches them on, they never release when you take your finger off the ‘button’.



So what you could do to fix this is basically send it as a master playback which allows ONYX to select what it wants to do. (Just like set your master buttons normally)

If you don’t use the masters you can only send go, pause, release, select and toggle.
I could fiddle around with OSC and see if i can find any solutions for you and me. From what iv’e understood many people/technicians want the “flash” function for OSC playback buttons.

I hope this helps!
//Martin Hedstrom


I’m not sure I follow. I’m already using my all of my Main Playbacks for other functions.

I don’t understand why an Override will function properly via the Playbacks page, if you hold the button on the screen and then release the button it releases just like a flash button. So it would seem the behavior should work the same via OSC


Okay, So what i ment was that you cant use OSC to triggers to trigger flash buttons unless its in the main playback. Onyx cant recieve a osc command that says “flash submaster 1”, it can only recieve commands such as “go”,“relelease”,“toggle” and so on.

If this doesnt help at all then you could contact me on discord. @Hedsma#9220

//Martin Hedström


Ok so you’re saying when you’re on the Playback tab of OSC it’s only issuing Go commands when you tap one of the buttons on the grid?


Yeah exactly thought you can trigger for ex. Go but what you can do is set it to a toggle (or Release, Go, Toggle, Back, Pause and Select) instead.