Rotating fixtures in 2d plan


How do I rotate fixtures along the z axis in the 2d plan? I have some fixture hung off the side of some truss towers and I can’t figure out how to get them in the correct orientation.


Hello, it is a 2d Top view which is represented in the 2d plan.
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Just create another page (or layer) and set it up as if you are looking at it from the front.

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I get all that, but what if you have a fixture that is hung sideways so that when pan/tilt are at center, the beam shoots out to the side, not straight up or down? How would you rotate the fixture sideways so that looking down in 2d plan view the beam shoots out to the side when pan/tilt are centered?



Sorry about that, I miss understood your question. This is where the “Top Down” perspective on the 2D Plan View comes into play. To my knowledge, this is currently not possible. I would like to have that option also. You might consider submitting this as a feature request / suggestion.