Swap with cmy to colour wheels


Hi to all!
Just to know and to be clear, when we swap fixtures from CMY to a Colour wheel fixtures,currently all colours will be lost as I can see .
I have tried with a chauvet maverick mk2 into a vari-lite vl 2000 spot standard so after swapping the fixtures have no more colour information in my presets ,
Iis there an enhancement planned or am I missing something?


ONYX does not analyze color mixing to find the closest color flag match, but simply adds a hard 0% into the preset for the user to fill in the color of his choice, so it is working as designed. You should have a 0% color information in the preset. Update the preset with the color of your choice and all cues will be correct.


Thank you just Matthias!
“ONYX does not analyze color mixing to find the closest color flag match” ,ok for all the rest I understand what you mean .
Thank you all



Another suggestion for you to consider. Don’t swap your fixtures out but rather add the new ones and clone the information into them. You will be given the option to clone information into the cues, presets, and groups. You will still have to update your presets to include your color information, but now you’ll have both types of fixtues (color flag or CMY / RGB) for your use in the future. Then you can just unpatch / re-patch whichever fixture type you need. It will be a little extra work up front, but helps in the long run.

Hope this helps,



Thank you I Will study a bit that solution!
Sorry but very Newbei!


Enjoy. While this is an old post, it is still very helpful. It is referencing the old MPC training file but the concept is still the same.