Touch OSC on iphone connection not working


I have problems with connection touchosc on iPhone with onyx.
Ports and everything correct. Green/red signal lamp on iPhone is blinking correctly, but my iPhone commands not working on notebook windows 10.
Firewall disabled. AV also.
What to do?


I know its been a few days, did you happen to resolve the problem or still looking for some help?

I work with TouchOSC linked to an M1 quite often, I may be able to help troubleshoot what yours is doing.


I have the same problem
red and green blinking but no Response


I had a few minutes to play with my setup here. I wasn’t able to replicate the issue, but I do have a couple questions that may narrow it down.

What template/commands are you using? The only stuff that is supported (that I know of) are the features/commands on the old Martin OSC template.

Is the Device Space # matching up between your device and the list of OSC Devices on the console?
I know usually when you hit Refresh it will update the Space on its own, but I’ve seen it just -not- do that on occasion.
Using the Martin Template, you can adjust the Device Space on your phone to match whatever Device Space was assigned on the console.


Hello @Light

This post might help you.


Im Using the Martin Template and the Device Space is correct adjusted … It’s dosent work on an Ipad and on a Android phone. (not the best english)


Did somebody solve this problem? I have it too. Does anyone have touch osc working with newer version of Onyx?


Which version of iOS you are using it on right now?