0 to 255 parameter visualization

Hi to all ,a lot of people ask me the ( 0 to 255 ) value visualization can we add that feature?

I’m not sure what that means?

Hi Matthias
I mean, can we add also a new visualization type ?
We have the "0 to 100 “percent ,we have the “16 bit resolution 65535” ,It would also be nice to have the “0 to 255” one.
Where does the little “issue” come out ,it depends if you have a 16 bit resolution fixture ,in that case you will not be able to see the 0 / 255 value, but only the 65535 and so on.
But if you have an 8 bit resolution fixture ,then you will be able to see the 0 / 255 value on parameter.
So “my request” is, at this point it would be very nice if we could in someway force a " 0/255” view of parameters values .

it isn’t enough…you have the value below

click the gear box and change from percent to digital.

I suppose it depends if the fixture has a 16 bit or 8 bit resolution ,cause I have already done that and I only have this result here!

8 bit resolution!

It depends if you have a 16 bit or 8 bit ,so it’s not us deciding what we need and want to see ,but what the software let’s us see!
So no choice! = )

What is the use case of showing the 8bit value on a 16bit parameter?

Well it’s not for me, but if customers ask this why can’t we do it? a lot of consoles can do that type of visualization ,Chamsys ,MA lighting ,why not ONYX?