10 fixtures all patched to same dmx in 2d view

Hi, super new to lighting on this level. was using showXpress before this :grimacing:. Anyways, i have a show coming up with 10 pars all set at dmx 324. I would like to have all 10 pars in the 2d view. How can i do this?

You just have to select them and insert as many time than needed.

all set at dmx 324? i cant figure out how to set more than one fixture to the same dmx channel. Once i can do that, i can insert all those into the 2d

Have you tried to add the same fixture multiple times?

yea doesn’t allow 2 fixtures to be patched to the same channels

Don’t patch it several time.

But add the unique patched fixture into the 2d view several time

oh duh facepalm

Thanks lol :slight_smile:

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