2017 Martin M2GO- can i upgrade this desk to ONYX software??

Hi there… i have a client that brought me a Martin M2GO HD to service and they complain that the software is lagging and sometimes it freezes.
I tried it, and not being a software that i´m used to (more of a Avo guy myself), i experienced the glitch … software is too slow and after a few minutes going around the Patch it frooze.
So i started to look for a software upgrade and checked that there was a FULL change of software ,service and branding of these desks. Now it´s Elation , not Martin.
My questions are:

  • Are the specs of the desk ok for the ONYX software?
  • Will i need some codes/licenses to upgrade all software/firmware?
  • What are the steps to upgrade to ONYX from this version.

I appreciate any help on this… thank you all .

You can install the last onyx 4.4.1193 without problem

Download the full OS file

You can upgrade this to the full OS 4.4.1193. The M2GO HD is fully supported and should not be slow at all.
Maybe there is a corruption on the SSD. The updated would fully wipe the desk.


You can see the supported version and licensing here: https://support.obsidiancontrol.com/Content/Onyx/Onyx_Licenses.htm