2d Plan - Additional Symbols

I do a lot of theater work and would find it very useful to have additional fixture symbols available in the 2d plan; Leko, Fresnel, PAR, Mover-spot, Mover-wash, etc… I am not necessarily looking for the completeness of ETC’s EOS consoles, my other regular platform, but something to help with more rapid fixture identification and selection; particularly when dealing with large plots/plans.

Thanks for considering.



Don’t hesitate to take a snapshot from your preferred plot software and then use this snapshot as background in the 2d plan (unlimited possibility)


Yeah, I need to spend more time playing with that. I just haven’t drafted an old-school magic sheet in a long time, so it would require an extra step (I often use that type of layout on EOS consoles, rather than just a plot view).


As @Sylvain_Guiblain already mentioned taking a snapshot, you can also take a picture of your actual venue and electrics. Also, make sure to explore different layers and pages. Just because the 2D view only shows 1 perspective / angle doesn’t mean you can’t rotate it in your head and plot a different angle.

Also, take a look at the specs when taking a picture. I know they say “png” format preferred, but I can’t remember the size.

Hope this helps you out,