2D Plan Blind Preview Mode

Is there a way to use the 2D Plan in order to see what you are programming in BLIND mode. Or is is only representing what is happening as a preview?

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The 2d view displays the dmx output. Blind mode is not rendered.

I also think that’s a great idea.

Definitely agreeing with with Sylvain on this (192.168.l.254.254). The 2D View only displays the DMX output of the renderation,

Yes please! make 2D viewable preview.

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Not to get too out there but I’m a big fan of alternate universes. This isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. lol.

In all due seriousness, perhaps if you could send the preview values to alternate universes then they could be output to a visualizer, whether it be the 2D plan or an external application.

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Super Star Trek fan here as well. I think that’s a great idea


Alternate universes seems like a good idea. In another thread, Matthias mentioned that the reason Onyx doesn’t offer sending Blind instead of program to an external visualizer like Capture, is because it would double the universe count needing to be processed, which is a big ask for horsepower, or they would have to cut the total universes available in half. My own situation though is I rarely go above a handful of unis, and I imagine a fair number of users are the same. So if there was the option to shunt the Blind preview off to alternate unis, then Onyx could still limit to processing the same total number, but we could have our Blind visualization. It would be up to the user to allocate the resources.