2D Plan - Flip vertical doesn't flip the pixel display


When having fixture with multi-part pixel represented as combined fixture, when using the flip vertical on it doesn’t change the combined fixture orientation. It seems to act only on PT?

Or is it possible to get more “snap” point on the rotation wheel (to be more precised when adjusting rotation of these combined fixture) ?


The patch flip is to invert the output pixel order over DMX for example if a fixture in a row was physically placed wrong on your stage.
Its not intended to affect the 2D feedback at all.

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Patch Invert column affects only PT, and not related to 2D Plan

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Ok get it, thanks !

What about the other proposal to get more “anchor” point from the rotation feature of 2D plan ? (to get an anchor each 11.25° (or even better, be able to add a specific angle value))

That’s very useful when wash fixture with pixels has a particular installation angle on circular truss.

It takes time to align the pixel with current ouput. It allow easy usage of lines later on with Dylos Engines

We will enhance this but not as part of this release.

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