2D plan layer enhancement with Dylos

Playing around with Dylos I was thinking on one thing very clever to my opinion,what I am talking about is if the layer present in our 2d plan could have some type of “priority” or a new feature like able /disable. Let me explain better please.
So lets suppose we create an entire zone for the whole stage, and then create our layers referd to our differnet fixtures, so if launch a dylos fx for the entire Zone,we can disable using the layer view by clicking on the “EYE” , S o what will happen is that dylos will still run it’s fx ,meanwhile for the disabled layer ,there will no more Dylos fx running for those fixture, in that layer. To my opinion this would be a very powerfull tool to use in a live enviorment,this would give us an incredible chance to include or esclude fixtures in a zone!

Maybe a simple exclusion zone that we can make a square of excluded fixtures in a center of a zone of dylos fixtures, instead of making 4 zones around the excluded devices??

We will add some more specific controls for fixtures to either use dylos or “regular” values in a future version.

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Hello! Has this problem been resolved now?

I need to use some of the fixtures from the Dylos zone in another cue with color, but Dylos has the highest priority.

No this behavior has not changed but it under review for the next release.

…please add this!
dylos should understand which fixtures gets information from somewhere else…, thx.


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