3D Visualizer

When I click “MSD 3D Visualizer” nothing happens. What do I need to do to access this? Is it a separate purchase? I searched the Obsidian website for a download or info but found nothing…

Download demo

Thank you. What is the difference between Pro, Lite, and Demo? I am guessing Demo allows me to do nothing but look at the tutorial. Where do I purchase Lite and/or Pro? Or are they a “part” of MPC/Onyx when I purchased my MTouch and MPlay units? I am confused…

All of this information is on the website I gave you, but essentially the demo allows you to load up a training showfile, and you can use the software like normal minus you just can’t edit the layout. MSD lite allows you to build whatever you would like up to 64 universes.The pro version introduces dynamic objects like moving truss, and rotating platforms. Also video play back, and advanced readering capabilities

No part of MSD is included in ONYX or any hardware.
There is no “free” visualizer with ONYX, you have to provide your own. MSD and Capture are both well respected powerful programs.
MSD was part of Martin, as was the previous version of ONYX. Now that Martin stopped controllers both moved on, MSD is independent and ONYX is now part of Obsidian Control Systems.
The link you see in the menu is to connect MSD and ONYX over an secure bridge to avoid hacking.

Thank you! Now I just need to research where to purchase & pricing… Thanks again!

I have had MSD and Capture and would recommend using Capture. It is a better product and can be used with ONYX.

MSD is not as well supported anymore as well and Obsidian Control seems to prefer Capture.

Thanks Kyle!!!

Is this true for light jockey? is capture a better bet than the lighthouse MSD software? and more to the point will it work?

I own both, and prefer MSD Pro in general as of now. LJ does not support Artnet and requires a driver that is built into MSD. Capture pricing is much better, but is not bi directional like MSD as of now, buuuut sure that will be changing soon as Elation has distribution ties with Capture.