4.10.1263 Bug | UDP Command "GTQ #,#"

the UDP command “Go To Cue” (GTQ #,#) does not respond correctly.

  • If the cuelist is released it, a strange “0/n” text is displayed in the cuelist, whatever the number # of the cue, but nothing happens.
  • If the cuelist is already running, nothing happens.


Indeed there is a problem with this command in the release version. The command is working for TCP however.
For now, you could use the command GTQ #,#,0 for UDP, which will do the same and doesn’t have this issue.
It will be resolved in the next version.


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indeed this works! But when executed it skips fade time, it starts the fade but cuts off almost immediately.
Have you run into this before?

and in this way you can fire only cue numbered without dot.
or you can, but the last expression number is linked to the post dot number in cue

for example
GTQ #,3,0 → cue 3
GTQ #,3.1,0 → does not work
GTQ #,3,1 → cue 3.1

without fade time

And is there any way to do it with fade time?