4.10.1268 LITTLE ISSUE

Hi to all!
Please have a look at the picture below,you can notice that part of the desk is visible when passing to MAIN MENU.

Look the grid colors in Fixtures… only change the menus not the grid. Other issue!!!

I am no more able to use NDI internaly with the windows"loopback adaptor " it results always “offline” for Onyx ! I have tried starting first ONYX then MAD MAPPER, then also the other way around etc… but it results always offline ,tried to delete and re patch DYLOS zone still having the same issue no comunication!

Seems resolved after downloading and re installing NDI 5 tools,can you guys verify?

This is not an issue, but by design. On the Fixtures tab, fixture type color is applied to the border of the buttons, not the grid color

Toggling the playback fader controls with the quick menu open doesn’t handle the resize of the work area indeed, will be fixed in a later build or release