4.4.1193 Stuck on Starting Live Output

Hi All ,
Windows 10 laptop . 4.4.1193 installed , Onyx stuck on Starting Live Output . 30 minutes so far .
Rebooted laptop twice since install , restart Onyx and same problem .
Any suggestions to fix it ?

Uninstalled Onyx , reinstalled Onyx , used Windows Task Manager to get out of Starting Live Output screen , noticed a DAX error in sub menu . Uninstalled Onyx .
Saw an Ofer Brum post from 2020 about the DAX error so I installed the newest version of CodeMeter . Installed Onyx and still stuck at Starting Live Output .
Is there a Software Clean Up Tool I need to download ?
Any help would be appreciated ,

uninstall onyx and run this cleanup tool as admin. reboot and reinstall

Thanks Matthias , the clean up tool fixed the problem .

Can I use this method to do on NX2 console? I have tried to update from 4.2 unsuccessfully