4.4.11930 - DYLOS Master / Slave Bug

Dylos Zone source media changes do not get passed from Master to Slave, or Slave to Master, when in network session.

Both devices are on Onyx 4.4.11930 with the same Factory content (HQ-12.Feb.2020).

I can have 2 different pieces of media playing concurrently on the same zone and layer, one on the slave and another one on the master.

Changing at either side doesn’t update the other!

Looks like Dylos media selections are not being communicated betwen network session members.

We indeed received such a report earlier and have already fixed it for the next beta build

Thanks very much Gert for the response.

Do you have a rough idea when the fix will be in the production build?

Is there an earlier production release I can roll back to that doesn’t have the bug?

We’re aiming for early October, but depends on the amount and complexity of feedback we’ll get from the next beta build

There’s no earlier version without this issue as it was a missing implementation. Although tougher to deal with compared to the fast access through the zone composer, programming/selecting the media using the plain old parameter belts will communicate the values across the network.

Thanks Gert. As you mentioned the parameter belts, I’ll use that workaround until then :slight_smile: