4.4.11930 OSC Bug / Performance Issue - Programmer View and Onyx Hangs

When working with a large number of fixtures in the programmer, for instance with 480 RGB Pixels, the programmer view hangs very badly and causes the whole interface to hang also.

The interface basically becomes unusable.

The machine I have Onyx running on is an i5 9600k, with 16GB ram and an AMD RX580 with 8GB, so reasonable spec.

When trying to access or scroll the programmer window, task manager shows the “Obsidian Onyx Controller” process jumping from about 0.5% CPU up to around 22% CPU and intermittently shows a status of not responding.

I’m not so bothered about the CPU usage spiking, more the fact that the program hangs and becomes unusable.

Is this a known issue, is there any way around it?

Here’s a video to show the problem.

Once you try to scroll the programmer Onyx become unresponsive.

The video didn’t capture the windows pop-up alerts saying Onyx is not responding that also occur about every 10 seconds.

Eventually the scrolling catches up and you can get out of the programmer view, but takes a good few seconds.

Obviously the programmer view is not really usable which makes programming with a larger number of fixtures very awkward.