4.4 show update in 4.6. Issues with cloning


So, I update my NX2 to 4.6 last week. I got several issues that I think is due to the fact I work with an “old” show.

1 : Exchange fixture.
It take me a lot of time to succesfully exchange to the new fixture. For some unknow reason, exchange Generical PC/ALC/Blinder/PAR64 into the new Generic Fixture->Par64 or Generic->Channel don’t work every time.

2 : Cloning issues
2.1 When I clone a fixture, this change the default highlight to a custom highligth.

2.2 I clone fixture using the “copy groups”. My destination fixtures are now on my sources groups. But when I restart my NX2, my destinations fixtures not anymore in the groups.

I will try to post a short video during the day.

I am the only one with this issues ?


Issue number 1


Issue number 2.1 & 2.2