UPDATE: Please use 1195 for further tests.

This is a new ONYX beta that adds sACN priority settings and full CITP support for visualizers.

CITP synchronizes

  • Fixture Selection
  • All Parameters ( not only Pan Tilt)
  • Patch Data (Type, Address, Universe) from Visualizer

In addition to CITP patch import is is also possible to import a full patch (fixtures and addresses) from an ONYX Patch Export file.

			Release Notes for Onyx
		(C) 2018-2020 - Obsidian Control Systems

4.5.1194 (02/06/2020)
Added Capture (CITP) integration (patch, selection, parameter sync)
Added import of patch (exported from another Onyx show file)
Added sACN priority configuration
Fixed network handling in ConsoleTester
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Hey! I was just testing this out on my showfile and found a bug.

if you have Pan or Tilt(or both) inverted in the onyx patch then try to pan tilt them in Capture the program doesnt know how to control properly.

I did try setting them to have an inverted pan and tilt in the fixture settings in Capture but that didnt seem to help the problem.

If it matters this is in Capture 2019 and i believe im on the last update for it.

So currently tried to import an exported patch from a previous ONYX show into a completely new show! on these 2 shows there is no patch conflict cause both use different universes. On the imported one I had universes 1 to 4 occupied by fixtures, on the the show present and opend I had the my fixtures patched on universe 5 to 8.
Even if I try what happens is that onyx pop up says “conflict unpatch” I think that in this case Onyx should give us the chance to import it anyway. first cause in reality there is no conflict in the real patch! so I suppose we need somekind of Merge!

Hello Guys

I found something that doesn’t work well, when you select from capture are ok, but when you deselect since capture onyx dont deselect the fixture, and when you select other fixture since capture, is selected, and also those that I had previously selected that I deselect but onyx did not deselect

Hi to all there is an issue here when using ONYX towards to CAPTURE, it seems that there is some type of conflict or better seems that name is causing an issue in Capture not finding the correct fixture!
look at my pictures,here i am importing the fixtures from ONYX into Capture 2020, all patch is created from the scratch ,but how you can see clearly these two dimmer channels seem not to be recognized by capture!

Little question so if Onyx has to be bidirectional with Capture,that this chance is incredible! then why if I select fixtures from onyx ,i cant deselect them from capture? cause if you look at the pictures it is still select in Onyx.
Cause if I can work from onyx and Capture toghether I can have more flexability in this way !

Hi to all so here it is!
I have an old show in Capture that was already patched in Onyx,but I need to understand something really important for future use!
I certainly understand it’s the first beta so maybe there are a lot of little issues,does the new CITP feature work with old shows? cause it seems it doesn’t!
So it seems that something is missing ,what happens is I can’t create positions by selecting fixtures in capture? so if I try to point somwhere nothing happens! but repeat it was and old show created in Onyx and in Capture all is working but seems that new features aren’t working "select fixtures and point a position,colours beams and frames nothing!

P/T inversion and swap issues have been identified and fixed, those will be included in the next build.
Fixture selection issues have also been identified and we’re wrapping up the fixes, also for the next build.
Regarding import: it is not impossible to import a patch into an existing show, but for now we don’t provide any conflict handling support, so it’s up to the user to remedy. Confusion may arise about what is reported as being the cause for the conflict: don’t just check the (DMX) addressing, but also the fixture numbering…
We’re looking at some of the Capture popups reported in the various threads.

Regarding the conflict handling, we anticipate a redesign as part of the upcoming multi programmer/user effort, so we rather leave it as it is for now (giving us a chance to pick up feedback and suggestions as well, maybe even through one or more release cycles; the opportunity to do the import itself simply popped up now and we didn’t want to keep from you what we have so far). Thanks for understanding the choices that may seem strange (from outside the trenches) at times


Loving the dev team for implementing things on an ongoing basis and letting us test it out for you.
Just a quick suggestion for a future build, The ability to have custom pixel amounts in regards to ‘Generic - RGB Pixel’ as currently we cannot make these profiles ourselves as it is considered a multipart fixture, and with the development of DyLOS more and more shows are going to require different lengths of led tape for example so being able to set a number of pixels easily would be great.

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NOW that we have a powerful option like" CITP" in Onyx ,you should give us the chance to create a palette with one fixture but valid for all of same type! this is fantastic option with CITP .
Cause with only 1 fixture selected we can create( colour,blades,iris,focus,zoom ,pan tilt) and this will only take a few seconds to create them for all of the same type via Capture!
maybe also the groups coud be imported by Capture via CITP!


Hi Giancarlo,

I guess you are asking for a Universal Preset…

Nice idea. Can be currently done via FX Macro


Yes Ofer i understand how to ,but it’s an fx not running at this point, even if it works it’s not the correct way it’s a woraround I suppose!

This is what happens when I try to import a new ONYX" patch file" in an old show where the show is like this; ID s of fixtures are completely different.
Universe patching is completely different.
So why isn’t this possible and why this POPUP message?

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thank your for getting these bugs fixed so fast! You guys are the best!

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Great new gert thanks for the information

In other things, Can you explain us how work the connection ? Because I tested with artnet Off and sACN off and the connection work I assume that the transmission Is via CITP ( CITP/SDMX or CAEX ?? ) and capture detect 255 universes, if that is correct, have considered the possibility to add Blind Dmx, and other features ?

And the import Patch is a very nice feature thanks for that, the only thing, is the possibility to add the RDM Import and maybe in the future read the patch directly from the show file :grinning::grinning:


About the “2D Plan” would It Be possibile in some way ,to now use the Plan even if it’s only a 2d top section as, all selected fixtures go to this point?

Also when importing the patch from Capture we also have all xyz positions of the fixtures in a 3d space,but even if we don’t have that type of space,can we use this feature somehow to import It as a perfect 2D PLAN?

Hi there, I just loaded the new beta 1194.
Everything went smooth but the issue I have is I have groups of fixtures in my rig that share the same DMX address. When importing capture with CITPm the DMX addresses are messed up. I built another basic rig where all DMX addresses are independant of each other and that imported perfectly. Seems I can’t import different fixtures sharing the same DMX values? Anyone else getting this issue?

Hello, communication is CITP, indeed, so should work with other Visualizers that support CITP as well, although it takes verification per package because some variations are possible.
Currently, the software doesn’t support fixtures sharing DMX addresses, indeed.
Other suggestions noted, thanks.

Hi all,

It is not part of the changelog, but I’m facing an issue with the encoder belt display for the following fixture: American DJ - Focus Beam LED (in 16 or 18ch, same issue).

When going into the beam parameter, the second belt is for the frost.

There are conditions on this fixture while the frost is inserted the prism can’t be inserted.

But, as a result, without frost, the prism command (belt 3 and 4) are always display with the frost condition active.

This profile (from official library) has been tested by @Ofer_Brum and he doesn’t have this issue.

Picture of expected result :

Picture of actual result (v.4.5):

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