4.6.1219 artnet maybe issue

Good morning to all first! = )
Then I have a little question for you playing around with the latest version ONYX & ELM led mapper,I have found an issue with " ARTNET" on same pc, using the windows loopback adaptor.
First need to explain something else ,that with “SACN” it works perfectly on windows 10 with “Onyx” on same pc.
But if I try this via “ARTNET” it doesn’t, it’s looking like something is missing.
But the strange thing is,hope it get’s you somwhere that the " CITP " feature works! because it loads all media files thumbs, but on the otherside I do not have any controll of any parameter of the fixture!
So here is the question whose fault is it?
Any Ideas?

Might be a misconfiguration in Onyx or ELM. Can you show us the settings you have made?

Can you please tell me if you are an Onyx DEVELOPER?

I am only an humbeld user who is trying to help other people.

Yeah I understand no problem at all!
Just a ittle suggestion don’t say " CAN YOU SHOW US "etc… because it looks like your part of the dev team! thing that your not.

I think with “us” @theblond just meant us users, that are willing to look at your issue and help :wink:

Yeah I understand, but when I usually make a question I would like to have the answer from a developer!
But no issue at all! = )