4.6.1220 look at where Onyx places fixtures

Hi to all!
Qestion why does it place the 11 at the bottom when there is space near slot 10?
Thanx ! = )


I guess, but someone of the elation teams while confirm that point, this is work in that way and since a long time (since mpc probably).
When you add a new fixture type (here “Facade”), Onyx start a new row.
Why ? Probably to sort quickly the fixture by type (On my side, it’s help me a lot, i just scroll down and lock wich row start by my fixture type).

That’s intentional. You can see that the grid actually has no numbers itself.
Change of type starts a new row.

There is a setting in the window to change this to a normal number grid.

Thanx for clearing my mind! = )