Except when mapped through DyLOS, you have to control those attributes manually still

Hi i ve this problem when use maximize view sometimes when i select fixtures it closed suddenly

I have been reading the posts for three days now, trying to find a solution to upgrading from 4.4 to 4.6, including this 1221 version. I’ve tried the login script, deleting all instances of SQL server - everything that has been mentioned to fix this error: “Error 27502. Could not connect to Microsoft SQL Server ‘(localdb).\ObsidianOnyx’. Login timeout expired (0)”
I don’t have any restore points to use before the 4.6 or the 4.4 install attempts. I.ve reached my “Peterson’s Principle” (reached the level of my own incompetence) and I cannot dump this machine and reinstall Windows just to make this program work. I just received my Martin M-Touch and upgraded its firmware - it interacts fine with 4.6 on my desktop, but I need 4.6 running on this laptop. Could you remote into this laptop and see what’s going on?

Sure, PM me your AnyDesk ID

replied to your email

When would be a good time for you? I believe you’re 6 hours ahead of us here in Ohio (Eastern Standard TIme)

Ok, I’m R&D, not support, so couldn’t access that. Have it now, I’m available 9AM - 5:30PM CET

It’s been a while. Is there another release or beta soon?

@truthcollins ,

Maintenance build 1223 was posted on the discord server a few weeks ago. Here’s a link to the file.

Hope this helps,


Thank you. Does this mean we need to use Discord to access the beta builds?