The software team created another maintenance rollup 1221 based on incoming user feedback.

Please try it , espeically if this corrects something you reported, before it post it publicly.

4.6.1221 (22/11/2021)


Fixed SNAP+TOGGLE locking to cue 0 when global rate is on

Fixed startup Art-Net output and override IP issues (loopback IP address now allowed as override)

Fixed control surface communication issues when 24 fader module is connected

Fixed value windows not reflecting channel group assignment changes until restart

Fixed adding types (stuck in “checking conflicts”) when thumbs are missing

Fixed REL ALL EXCEPT cue macro feedback

Fixed RECORD SCREEN on external display

Various tracking backup fixes

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Although not a change in the software, probably also worth mentioning this build includes a fixture type library to which a fix had been applied earlier on that affects mostly strobe-style fixtures (not having their intensity open linearly from the start of the DMX value range, but rather keeping intensity at zero for the first few DMX values): such fixtures didn’t respond to command line intensity setting, highlight, inhibitive controls (including GM) and their default values were often wrong.
Recent fixture type libraries already included this fix.

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Thanks team.
I will make the jump today. Show tomorow.

Thanks for your hard work.

Thank you for the great work and effort you put into this!

Not sure if it is user error but sometimes I can’t get output from Dylos. It’s been an intermittent issue. Last time it happened I noticed that setting the fixture Intensity Paremeter in the programmer, e.g. at full, fixed this. (Needless to say, I’ve had intensity levels in another running cuelist. )

Synchronized shows:

Sometimes the software froze after saving a preset. If I waited a few minutes it would unfreeze.

Also, loss of synchronization is a regular occurrence.

Running 4.6.1221 on an NX4 and a Surface Pro, and am also experiencing many issues with networked shows. Many disconnects, partial show loads, and synchronization issues. X-Net is not running suitably for a live environment in this build.

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Deleting a Dylos zone within Dylos doesn’t work. It’s necessary to manually delete the previously created Dylos Zone fixtures from within the Patch.

Keep getting the below message when trying to install


this is a security issue on your pc.
maybe you are not a full admin, or an antivirus / firewall program is blocking the installer.

For that error, turn this option on when installing:

When you’re the only one using (Onyx on) this system, there should be no further consequences

So I have had this happen twice on 4.6.1221. I have a networked show that I connect to remotely and it looks like everything is going fine till I try to save a new Group preset from the secondary position at which point the software becomes extremely sluggish and unresponsive on the secondary position (except 2D display continues to work ok) and eventually the secondary position disconnects completely from the main/primary and the title bar then switches from Secondary to Primary

On one occasion it did finally catch up and began operating normally again but there seems to be some kind of issue storing Group Presets from the Secondary console when networked.

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Groups and Presets are different things in Onyx. What exactly are you storing?

I have about 600 tri-RBG pixels on LED strips, I was saving a Group of those pixels with every 5th pixel selected so I could select the group and then next/prev every 5th pixel.

Want me to PM the show file?

I also had the same issue saving a new Group from the Secondary console when doing those same 600 pixels and did a 300 pixel mirror so I had alternating blocks of 2 pixels

Hi, i have a problem, i began to create a show with v4.6.1221 in my computer i forgot that NX2 its in 4.6.1220, now i can´t use work with join sesion. is there any way to solve it? or i have to begin in v4.6.1220



You have to begin in 1220 or update NX2 to 1221. If you start in 1220 and then go to 1221, you cannot go back to 1220. Forward compatibility only.

Hope this helps,


Thanks @Watson finally update to 1221 the NX2

Hi, in V4.6.1221 in 2d view i fond this issue, in fixture FOSH Halo Led the combined fixture works fine but if a take the external pixel alone as u can see in 2d view don´t work, if i repeat the same with clay paky k20 it works fine ¿its possible the problem is in fixture library?

Another question in RGBW - RGBWA fixture Is there any way that if I select a white or amber color onyx uses the W and AMB channels or I always have to use the attributes control manually?


We’re currently fixing several 2D view related issues, please look out for a new maintenance rollup soon

Thanks, and about this “Another question in RGBW - RGBWA fixture Is there any way that if I select a white or amber color onyx uses the W and AMB channels or I always have to use the attributes control manually?”

I don t find the way