ArtNet disconnection issues with 4.6

I had a perfectly working Artnet setup on Onyx 4.4 using a DMXking eDMX4 Pro patched to firmware 3.10. I upgraded to Onyx 4.6 and everything worked fine at first… until Onyx keeps losing connection with my ArtNet device every minute or so and it stays disconnected for a minute or so. I’ve played with just about every combination of settings in Onyx EtherDMX and cannot resolve it. On 4.4, I had the most stable experience with manually inputing my ArtNet device’s IP address in the “faking Unicast” section. Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this further or even better a suggestion on how to fix?

I’ve tried this on both Windows 10 x64 and Windows 11 x64 with the same result.

Which exact build are you running. Try to disable the SYNC package option.

I’m running Build 4.6.1220.0 with an M-Play (NOVA license).
I have both ArtNet and sACN Sync disabled. I attached my full EtherDMX Device and EtherDMX configuration.

Hello. There are indeed problems with art sales in versions 4.6.The connection is lost.The latest version 4.6.1220 is installed.after 2-3 hours of work on art NET, problems arise steadily.The connection is completely lost or part of the channels in 1 and 5 universal is partially blocked. I have to switch to physical ports (I have an M2PC wing with 4 DMX OUTPUT) This is unacceptable !!!I hope everything will be fixed as soon as possible

Please try 1221 which includes a fix for the Art-Net timeout

4.6.1221 - ONYX / Onyx Betatest - Obsidian Control Systems