Please install and review the latest maintenance build 4.6.1226

ONYX (obsidiancontrol.com)

4.6.1226 (7/02/2022)

Restored fixture master intensity behavior
Fixed Pan, Tilt, Zoom feedback in 2D plan when angle range includes decimals
Various fixes and improvements

4.6.1225 (4/02/2022)

Force updating all fixture types in pre-4.6.1222 show files to pull the multiple emitters per pixel/part

Fixed updating multi-part fixture types
Fixed cue-only issues when using selected filter
Color temperature rendering fixes and improvements
Various fixes and improvements

4.6.1224 (25/01/2022)

WARNING! Changes in 2D plan scaling may require fixtures placed as “Combined fixture” to be adjusted!

Major improvements to 2D plan scaling and selection
Selection state in Playback button view is now stored with the view
Fixed OSC playback page up/down buttons triggering twice
Fixed inability of adding fixtures (of some types) to show files that have been edited in 4.5
Various fixes and improvements

4.6.1223 (4/01/2022)

Fixed multi-part fixtures without part metrics not showing on 2D plan
Fixed hidden subnet mask setting

4.6.1222 (23/12/2021)

Added OSC support for playback faders 11-20 (same scan codes as 1-10, but prefixed with 0x46 instead of 0x44), but they also track flipping
Improved color (temperature) parameter rendering
Various improvements and fixes on 2D plan, including:
- Added color temperature rendering
- Added support for fixture( personalitie)s that control multiple emitters as one pixel/part (fixing combined fixture layout for AtlaBase library)
- Improved selection of overlapping parts in combined fixtures
- Fixed several feedback inconsistencies (at startup, after adding/dropping DMX addresses, value changes, …)
Fixed importing DMX addressing (CITP - Capture, Patch export file) when fixture (number) sequence was not addressed adjacently
Fixed OSC playback fader bank changes when not on device ID 0 (zero)
Various fixes and improvements

4.6.1221 (22/11/2021)

Fixed SNAP+TOGGLE locking to cue 0 when global rate is on
Fixed startup Art-Net output and override IP issues (loopback IP address now allowed as override)
Fixed control surface communication issues when 24 fader module is connected
Fixed value windows not reflecting channel group assignment changes until restart
Fixed adding types (stuck in “checking conflicts”) when thumbs are missing
Fixed REL ALL EXCEPT cue macro feedback
Fixed RECORD SCREEN on external display
Various tracking backup fixes

4.6.1220 (29/10/2021)

Added configurable default setting for showing custom object colors
Improved 2D plan rendering synch (fix tearing)
Improved support for touch right-click by holding
DirectX detection and installation improvements
Enabled RDM via Art-Net on sACN network
Fixed load issues for specific older show files
Fixed pixel mapping freeze when adding fixtures
Fixed storage of cloned fixtures into fixture groups
Fixed cues fades pulsing non-RGB color emitters when override is on
Fixed first GO after UPDATE CUE re-executing the updated cue instead of moving to the next one (when “reset to first cue” option is disabled)
Fixed SWAP FIXTURE losing DMX addressing (even with identical DMX footprint)
Fixed DELAY/FADE command requiring additional “@” key press
Fixed recording/assigning submaster banks 101-500
Updated SQL server for pending security protocol compliance
Various fixes and improvements

4.6.1219 (03/09/2021)

Added F-Key assignable Action for “RENAME” command
Added F-Key assignable Playback Control for “Playback Fader Swap” (1-10 <-> 11-20)
Fixed cue macros (including SET CL VALUE, MIDI notes) not working
Fixed loss of preset value for last logical channel after show file upgrade (typically visible in defaults preset): consider loading your pre-4.6 show again!
Fixed lack of feedback while enabling DyLOS support and adding zones to a new show due to missing 2D page
Fixed installer aborting due to IIS installation (which triggers installation of RDM report pages)
Fixed index shift for OSC playback controls
Fixed missing options due to duplicate names in direct access to parameter
Improved Web control sizing (like Art-Net node management)
Scroll wheel can now also be used for personalities in the fixture type library browser
DyLOS mapping reliability improvements

4.6.1218 (19/08/2021)

This version requires Windows 10 Home/Pro/Enterprise 64-bit for PC. All consoles require install of a new 4.6 ONYX OS.
Compatible with Obsidian NX4, NX2, NX Wing NX Touch, NX-DMX
Compatible with M-Series M1 HD, M2GO HD, M6 (with ONYX Upgrade), M2PC, M-Touch, M-Play, USB-DMX devices

Please note: Many parameter defaults and behaviours of fixtures have changed. Verify existing shows carefully as they may require programming adjustments.


Please note! This version removes FREE Universes 2,3 and 4. Only Universe 1 is unlocked in ONYX FREE Mode.

Without an ONYX USB or NETRON device attached, the software runs in FREE mode.
Universe 1 is completely free to use for Art-Net and sACN output.
2 DyLOS Zones are enabled. Additional zones show a random watermark.
OSC Playback, MIDI, and all timecode protocols can be enabled for a short time period for testing and evaluation. Once the allowed time is expired, ONYX must be restarted to allow a new test period.

With an ONYX USB or NETRON device attached, the software runs in NOVA mode.
Universe 1-4 is completely free to use for ONYX USB, Art-Net, and sACN protocol output.
NETRON devices require ArtNet protocol and latest firmware supporting ONYX Authentication
2 DyLOS Zones are enabled. Additional zones show a random watermark.
OSC Playback, MIDI, and all timecode protocols can be enabled for a short time period for testing and evaluation. Once the allowed time is expired, ONYX must be restarted to allow a new test period.
Connected Touch or Play devices will also remove all I/O protocol restrictions (NOVA+)

Onyx Essential
With an ONYX Essential Key attached, the software runs in LIVE 8 mode.
Any 8 universes are completely free to use for ONYX USB, Art-Net, and sACN output.
2 DyLOS Zones are enabled. Additional zones show a random watermark.
OSC Playback, MIDI, and all timecode protocols are unrestricted.

Onyx Premier
With a Premier Key, NX Wing, or NX 2 in USB mode attached, the software runs in LIVE 64 mode.
All 64 universes are completely free to use for ONYX USB, Art-Net, and sACN output.
5 DyLOS Zones are enabled.
OSC Playback, MIDI, and all timecode protocols are unrestricted.

Onyx Elite
With a Key attached, the software runs in LIVE 128 mode.
All 128 universes are completely free to use for ONYX USB, Art-Net, and sACN output.
5 DyLOS Zones are enabled.
OSC Playback, MIDI, and all timecode protocols are unrestricted.

New fixture library format

This version introduces a new fixture library format, provided by the library partner AtlaBase. This library includes over 50.000 fixture profiles
Existing fixtures will remain in the showfile but can be updated using the “Exchange” function in the patch menu
User fixtures and the Library Editor are not affected
New Fixture Libraries are only available for Version 4.6 and higher

Daily update of new library package on obsidiancontrol.com
Single file library package (no longer an executable)
Faster software install, bootup, library updates
Library data is perfectly synchronized with Capture fixtures, allowing for easy import of the patch over CITP
Revised Parameter Defaults and Snap Rules(e.g.additive LED fixtures now have all colors defaulted to 100%)
-> this can affect existing programming and cues and presets must be adjusted if needed.
Enhanced real world values (e.g. Zoom Ranges, Shutter Speeds, Framing Blade Angles)
Improved parameter names and feature descriptions
Enhanced gobo and effects bitmaps, color buttons for CTC and Color Wheel Selections

New Features

New virtual controls icon, expands bank and parameter control into full Playback and Programming Bar
Added “DMX OUT” option in LOAD popup window to “freeze” effects output into the programmer
Effect/timing channels can now also be used as “[SELECTION] @ Parameter Button” for direct entry and fanning on the command line (digital values only: swing ranges 0-170, other attributes 0-1000)
Time for automatically loading the current show on startup can now be configured
Added fixture type filter to programmer and cue values panels; fixes and improvements
Added Art-Net/sACN source IP input filtering
Added support for sACN (E1.31) Synchronization and Art-Net ArtSync packets
Added Capture (CITP) integration (patch, selection, parameter sync)
Added import of patch (exported from another Onyx show file)
CITP integration pulls in 3D positions to compose a top and front 2D plan of the stage (layer per fixture type)
Added MSD (CITP) integration
Added DEFAULT command to put default values in programmer
Added current universe fixture filter in patch
Added patch options for excluding fixtures from GM, SWOP, remote programming and for rotating bars and panels at DMX address level
Added option to turn off smart grid ordering of fixtures in FixtureCenter


DyLOS can now apply pixel mapping for any fixture parameter between 2 and 3 presets
Added DyLOS generators:
- Patterns: Plasma, Voronoi
- 2D Shapes: Bouncing Balls, Bouncing Shapes, Meta-balls, Floweroid
- Nature: Fire, Steam
Added color palettes to Dylos (First row of 256 pixels in PNG image are used to map - generator output - intensity levels to indexed colors)
Added 2 and 3-preset pixel mapping mode and opacity mapping modes
Dynamic Intensity mapping is now the default
Added white mapping mode to DyLOS to include all emitter channels (e.g. white, amber, lime) in pixel-mapping to better represent unsaturated colors on stage: it also uses color information and relative brightness data of all color emitters to balance emitter brightness, as well as apply color temperature across emitter channels for unsaturated colors
Added feedback to indicate alpha information availability in content
Missing content is now also indicated on the content type (media, text, …) tabs
Added “intensity + other emitters” mapping mode for fixtures without RGB emitters but with various other emitter types
Added “background color” effect and “masks as background” mode to masks
Added color palette generator/editor
Added configurable DyLOS thumb overlays, optionally showing curves for matrix generators and mapping gamma curves
DyLOS Framing and Iris will now follow opacity mapping (indicated using hatching pattern)
Added DyLOS zone output panel
Anti-aliasing in DyLOS can be disabled for better pixel accuracy
DyLOS framing now is corner point oriented instead of “blade” oriented
Added DyLOS mirror effect
Added DyLOS tunnel effect
Added framing and iris to DyLOS zone slot
Added DyLOS frame blending
Added DyLOS thumbnail feedback options
Continous/loop improvements on DyLOS
Fixed fixture rotation on 2D plan being ignored for pixel mapping
Fixed pixel mapping to ignore master parameters specifically
Added new parameters for new DyLOS effects and generators
Improved CMY mapping to favor intensity channel to color saturation channels (to limit color flag usage and to avoid non-pure blacks)
DyLOS manual values and origin are now shown in live output
DyLOS zones slots can now be expanded/collapsed in Fixture Center
DyLOS values are now shown in live output
Added options menu to zone composer
Weight modes allow for selecting “Zone Intensity” (default, backward compatible, LTP) and the newer “Manual Weight” (which has improved)
Fixed value changes in DyLOS zone composer not being synchronized over the network
Replaced LTP with programmable weight control between direct and pixel mapped programming


Live output arranges some small footprint fixtures (intensity only, color mixing only, …) in multiple columns
Updated internal web browser with Edge/Chromium-based for improved help browsing, license management, Art-Net node management and RDM browsing experience
2D plan now visualizes all color emitters
Added edit cue button and the direct cue view to playback context popups
Keypad show/hide toggle can now also be assigned to an F-Key
Improved programmer, cue values and live output panels:
- Improved integration with scroll and toolbar workflows
- Added fixture names & colors, and fixture type colors
- Fixed issues with fixture(-type)s that have large channel footprints
- Improved performance
Programmer and cuelist values panels can now be placed more than once
Improved Art-Net and sACN input options
Improved DMX/Art-Net/sACN output smoothness
Improved orientation of fixtures on Capture import
Installer improvements to avoid SQL-related errors
Improved responsiveness of OSC playback page actions and fixed OSC refreshes
Improved 2D plan performance and responsiveness
Added LTC audio input level control for Obsidian timecode boards
Increased maximal cue comment size
Improved Onyx startup sequence, should eliminate startup errors
Updated NX Remote app
Enabled Art-Net on any (sub)net and updated network configuration accordingly
Added sACN priority configuration
Added support for stVisual style so Visualizers always - also when utilizing Unicast - receive licensed Art-Net data
Full software and hardware support for flipping playback faders 1-10 with 11-20
Improved P/T Combo handling
Improved Window position and size recall behaviour for PC Version


2D plan icon corruption when swapping fixtures
GO on playback resetting to cue 1 on secondary (in tracking backup) after it turned standalone
Art-Net IN loopback issues
UI closing after selecting cuelist type when recording to a new cuelist
Custom colors on fixtures, types, cuelists, etc
UPDATE+UPDATE to referenced preset(s) not updating cue values
Cleaning faulty fixture types from show files, preventing adding fixtures when type was fixed
DyLOS generator animation
DyLOS opacity mapping
First fixture in patch not having its opacity mapped correctly
Fixture selection focus for multi-part fixtures without a main part
LOAD+LOAD using keyboard shortcut
Copying between types of Fixture Groups
Playback fader (1-10) LEDs on M-Touch, NX Touch while not in “Play” mode
Error popup in selected cuelist view when using keyboard shortcut to delete cues
Applying additive color FX macros
Optimizing show files (removing fixtures that had been marked for deletion)
Placing multi-part fixtures on 2D plan
Playback status redraw issue when returning from patch
M-Play bank issues
“push to all” not refreshing on virtual playback panel
Back button freezing on “Follow 0s” cues
Joining shows
Pop-ups appearing multiple times at startup
Multiple conditional channels not toggling (for example, Frost disabling 2 prisms on ADJ Focus Beam LED)
Deselecting fixture in Capture not deselecting in Onyx
Focusing inconsistencies with Capture for P/T inverted/swapped fixtures
IP address and numeric up/down entry issues
Cloning (default) preset values requiring software restart
(DyLOS zone) lockup issues after creating (and under specific circumstances loading) shows on the fly
Playback faders 11-20 not working on M1HD (when flipped to the physical faders)
DyLOS generator thumbs sometimes not showing when moving show file to other hardware
Zone fixtures can no longer be added to the 2D plan as regular fixturesPreformatted text