4.6 Cloning suggestion


Cloning with mpc/onyx was really easy and effortless on my side since 2017.

But with the 4.6 version, is not smooth as before. I understand the new library introduce a lot of concept, but here is a sugestion to improve the cloning workflow.

Here some Quantum profile, allready on the show. Added a Axcor Spot 300 Standard to be clone.
(Free onyx version as my martin m2pc is not detected by my computer. I will check that latter).

I select the Fixture 1, select a presset (Strob Fast in this case).
As you can see, this presset affect the Strobe Chanel and put a value in the strobe Frequency range.

I select the Axcor Spot 300 (before clonning). This fixture as also a Strobe frenquency range.

Let’s clone fixture 1 to fixture 504.

Select fixture 504. Some preset can now be used by the Axcore, some other (as the Strob Fast) cant’t.

I assume that the clone process wasn’t able to matche the “Strobe frenquency range” between the quantum profile and the spot 300.
Due to the high complexcity of the new library, I can easly understand this more difficult than the previous & internal library.

My main issue with this cloning “fail” is that the preset don’t recognize anymore the new fixture. The terrible thing about this is that now, the new fixture will not be correctly set on my cue who use preset.

I got a workaround to not check evry cuelist / cue (got 366 cuelist and 2340 cues on this showfile), and this is my sugestion to try to improve the cloning function.
What I suggest is : if there is a channel to clone, but the clone fail, but a default value into the destination channel. So the presset will not be lost, and the user will only have to update is preset. I am pretty sure this will not fix all case, but I assume that if a user create a preset on a channel, he prefer to update a preset with a wrong value than having a fixture who don’t use preset anymore.

As I think that Onyx is a little lost with all this new section on each channel, when I notice a channel copy failed, I delete my “new” fixtures. I select my template fixture, and change my preset to be on a default/commun value.

Clone again.

Now the preset know my new fixture.

I think if a user create a preset on a channel (pan/tilt/goboX,int/strob) the clonning function must do is best to keep the preset in the channel. If I can match the value to the new fixture, it’s perfect. If he can, please, put a default value on this channel. If not, the preset is lost.

Thanks for your attention. I hope this will help.
Thanks for your time and good product.


Where the Quantums old or new libraries? There are a lot of changes in function mappings that are described differently in the new library, but its actually quite consistent. However between old to new library I’d expect some issues as you describe.

Onyx actually does put presets with default or 0 values on clone “fails”, not sure why in this exact example it did not.

Quatums profile are the new one (library version 503026).

This is a show file I used since 2017, upgrade and save in 4.6.1219.
Exchange for old quatum to new quatum was made.

I got this issues a lot of time (gobo data didn’t follow from quatums profile from ayrton mystral for example).
Any way to check if my 4.6.1219 showfile is corupted ?

Thanks for your help.

Do you want the showfile @Matthias ?

There seems to be an issue with the Axcor Spot 300 type specifically: it’s missing semantic tags so the software doesn’t know whether it’s going from slow to fast or the other way around to recalculate, I’ll notify the library writers. The marking for non-matching parameters Matthias mentioned only applies to (color/gobo) wheels… Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll take it into consideration.

Hi Gert,

Hope you are fine since our last interview.
Thanks for your feedback.

With the new library, I think this will help a lot. For example, the atomic 300 in the “new” library as this group of parameter for the intensity.

Who will, I guess, not be in most of the strobe fixture. Specially on the basic one.
Acme Mega Strobe 5000

Ayra Flash 60 Led Stroboscope Standard

I clone my atomic 3000 template (fixture 91) to this two new strob. Here is the result.

Atomic with preset 10

Acme with preset 10. Intensity channel not associated to preset anymore

Ayra Flash. Intensity chanel is set by preset 10.

But, as this fixture don’t have the same group of parameter on the Int channel than my source fixture, the “off” preset (intensity preset 12) is not good (for me as user).

I can understand this is technicly due to this “output” range of the new atomic 3000. But as user I create a preset who say “please, put 0 on the output channel” (as you can see, preset value on int is on 0%), so from my side I didn’t take in account this new “output” range.

For me, Onyx as to put the same answers that I suggest for the Spot 300.
Acme don’t have this output range in the int channel, let’s put 0 on int.
Ayra don’t have this output range in the int channel, let’s put 0.

I bougth an NX2 last summer. I am really happy to tour with. But with this 4.6.1219, I need 4 or 5 more time than before when I prepare a show file to a specific venue. t’s really time consuming for touring with now.
I am sure you will be able to solve this and I will be again able to make 33 show in 11 days in a row as I have successfully done with the 4.2 version.

I can provide you the template show file if necessary.