4.6 Maintenance Build 1228

Onyx maintenance release version 4.6.1228 is now live on the support page!


4.6.1228 (24/03/2022)
Fixed adding fixture types with single quotes (’) in the manufacturer, model or personality name
Improved 2D rendering when zoomed out, dragging performance
Fixed alpha blending for (2-)preset mapping (breaking masks, etc)
Fixed applying brightness/contrast/saturation to opaque areas in effect mask image and text
Fixed applying absolute/relative color mode to effect slots (Color Effects and Keying always absolute)
Fixed 2D plan scaling for specific multi-part fixtures and selection for scaled fixtures
Fixed OSC support for assignable buttons of playback faders 11-20
Skip fixture with ID 0 (zero) from being imported (from CITP/Capture), which would be auto numbered and cause conflicts (Onyx starts numbering fixtures at 1)
Fixed touching a patch command in the “Commands” popup also being applied to the underlying grid cell (unintentionaly preparing another command)
Various fixes and improvements

Excuse me for this little question, it still seems that when using the load feature with “Pan tilt”, it’s not" mirroring " correctly. For example: load 6 thru 9target @ 4 thru 1source. I have tried all combinations does It work on your side?