4.9.1262 Possible Bug

Hi, I’ve attached a walkthrough video of a possible bug I have found with a reference to the manual.

Video: Dropbox - Onyx V4.9.1262 Possible Bug.mp4 - Simplify your life

Link to manual: Editing Presets

Fixed for the next build.


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which build do you mean? is it solved in 4.10.1263, or in the next release?


The bug is in 4.10.1263. The fix will be included when we make a new release version. Not sure when that will be though.


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with other words, the release 4.10.1263 is not useable?
so please tell it to the people!

Thanks @jovangeite

@deflost , I don’t think your statement is accurate, the version is more than useable with many great features, this is a small bug (with a work around you can see in my video)

I think the devs made great work of many requested feature we wanted, and this is a small error we can work around.

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we work in a professional world, so we want pro support! for example capture.se, they give us a fix in a update immediately if we send such a bug report. what is the problem to do a fixed update if it is a SMALĹ BUG. they want to get money, so why wait for weeks or month for an update to fix a known bug. are you a hobby user?

so please, give us your phone number, so we can tell our costumers to call you to be a speaking manual, because we are not able to waste time with search the bugs, find a workaround and tell that everyone who have to know it.