A couple of newbie questions

A couple of simple issues Im having…

Im running Onyx on PC into Vision to build an upcoming show. All the movers are currently MAC 101s

  1. PT effects - Im getting some odd results when trying to get a simple circular fx movement. Selecting both the line and circle pattern results in a figure-8-like movement. I make sure the swing/tilt are on the same amount and select the circle pattern - but Im not seeing a circular movement. What else should I be looking at?

  2. Playback buttons - Im wanting to recall a bunch of looks from playback buttons - and use inhibits for fixture group intensities and overrides for FX. The issue Im having is that the cuelists (with single cues) in the cuelist directory that store the looks default to the intensity fader being at zero and cue unloaded. All Im wanting to do is select the playback buttons, without having to go the the corresponding cuelist in the directory and raise the fader and load each cue every time I start Onyx - as this is super tedious. Is there a better way?


I have the same issue. I tried contacting the support, got no answer.

Ive solved the issue with the playbacks buttons - the cuelist in the directory needs Start-up settings set to 100%. Still trying to figure-out why I cant just get all my movers to move in a circle

Hello @symo
This is due the figures are not relative, they are absolute.
That means, that this circle effect will start from the place where Your devices are and will continue thru all dmx pan/tilt values.
To get a real circle You need to limit the pan tilt swing to let’s say 15-25% and before that set a static position of the devices beams facing You. Then You will see the circle moving.

For Your second question I would use SUBMASTERS for intensity, and then use playback buttons or lunching cues and chases.
Inhibitive and override will result in overriding Your cues or limiting their values.

For playback I am a big fan of these virtual playback buttons.
There I store mostly my chases and movements.


Hi Mike

This all makes sense - many thanks. The circle thing was doing my head in.

Re submasters - yes- Ive just figured out that this is a better way to go. My reasoning for using inhibits was so that I could set my intensities before hand then just isolate groups of fixtures with the inhibits - but came to the conclusion that this was a bit limiting.

Glad, that You sorted it out and it works for You.
Have fun with Onyx.