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Please, tap tempo in fx engine.


hey there,
My first Comment, just registered so I don`t know whether my suggestions where posted already or not. Sorry in advance :smiley:

  1. Make a Fader/Button option that protects selected Cues/Submasters etc. from beeing SWOPed please. In my case the Bar Lights are swoped away so i can`t use the function.

  2. Like above: Tap for FX Engine, or better FX faders Speed (even better Speed Groups like MA) Size, etc

  3. Easier way to edit cue and Bank names… not in edit mode in active cue… just like preset name change

And where to report Bugs? Or things I would say these are bugs and get some advice?

THX for reading

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you can record global speed and size faders already.

AND PLEASE PLEASE give us the possibility to change default fade and release times.
Whoose idea was that 3 seconds is a good average release time?

Another thing would be to make fade faders to adjust the fade of chasers directly ( same like GMA )

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Maybe add a function in the OPTIONS FOR CUELIST, under the FUNCTION ASSIGNMENTS tab, in the TRIGGER options. Existing toggle option; UP + GO, add toggle option; UP + ACTIVATE, keep toggle option; DOWN + REL.

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