About Timecode

I’ve managed to connect my Mac to Onyx and provide MTC via Max4Live.

Here’s the question.

When programming timecode cue-lists how does one handle a gap in the show? Let’s say a song plays as an opener, then there’s a speaker for 30 minutes, then a closing song.

Each song starts at 00:00:00:00 relative to the song, but not relative to the event. If a time-code cuelist follows an external time clock that re-sets when the new song plays, wouldn’t Onyx start firing of the first cue list again?

I think I’ve got it. Basically, as long as the cue list is inactive, it won’t fire. So, I could have 3 songs, each programmed using a starting point of zero across the board. Then, just use a MIDI trigger cue list to activate and de-activate particular cue lists at the point at which they would be played.

Sound about right?