Activating cuelist with FX causes split-second erroneous DMX values, then correct values


Let me start by saying I’m a beginning ONYX user, though happy with it so far. However, there is one thing I’m stumped on I can’t figure out. I have a cuelist (Med RED) running that does not have FX, and that cuelist has all my lights and their respective parameters active. I then press GO on a different cuelist (Pulse RED) that also has all lights and their respective parameters active as well as FX on some of the parameters. when I press GO on Pulse RED, there is frequently (not ALWAYS, but probably 75% of the time) a split-second period where the lights are bright, then quickly go to their expected levels and everything is fine. The time period is very brief (maybe 1-2 tenths of a second?), but is pretty distracting and not expected/professional.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? I will say both cuelists contain only a single cue and both have macros releasing all other cuelists except for the cuelist the macro is on.

I appreciate anyone’s help here!