Adding fixtures that have no Intensity (Lasers) to cues that contain only colors attributes

I have regular cues for changing the colors of my fixtures. Currently they only contain color data (In form of presets) I recently added three RGB Lasers to my lighting rig. The problem is my lasers (Scorpion Dual RGB) don’t have Intensity. They are activated (Basically Intensity Full) the second you pick a color. In my Colors Parameters I have none, Muti, Red, Green, blue, etc. The only parameters I have for intensity are Strobe and the slowest setting is not off.

If I add the lasers to my color cues they automatically turn on with the color even if I don’t have the lasers selected via cues or presets. Before adding the lasers everything worked great, whatever fixtures I was using I could just press the color cue and everything would change only for the fixtures that have Intensity. Currently I have to have cues for each of the colors only for the Scorpion lasers and if I have the lasers in a lighting scene I have to press two color cues (The main one that controls all my other fixtures, and the one for the Scorpions.

Is there anyway to add the Lasers to my main color cues so they are only activated when I have a cue turned on for them?

Create an override cue list with black color, and activate it per default (black out button).

Release it to have laser lighting up.

Thank you for the reply, I was trying to use a Inhibitor Cue with no luck. Still not sure why the inhibitor didn’t work. Thanks for the advice though, the override works great. (Not sure why I didn’t think of that)

Is there anyway to make it so that I can use a single button vs a fader? I tired every combination of up and down functions in the cue list options. I can only get it work like a flash where I have to hold the button down to see the laser. Neither overrides or inhibitors have “Toggle” which would have been perfect. I know I could release it by selecting it at the same time as the release button but I don’t want to have to use 2 hands, just to turn off the lasers.

Inhibitive is only for intensity, on this fixture there are no intensity.

To answer your need with the override, deactivate the tracking option on this overide, and record a second cue which will be empty.