Adding/removing fixtures to/from existing preset which is referenced to a cue

Hello there!

I am fighting with this problem very much often and it’s driving me crazy.
I hope so that there is someone who knows the trick.
I’m working with rock/metal bands usually.

So the problem/obstacle is:
Let’s say I have 2 trusses (back and mid) with 6 spots on each. Spot number 5 on the back truss is pointing out on the guitarist and it’s recorded in a position preset with also beam information.
Then, that preset is recorded into a cue for one of the songs. I’ve done all the programming at home in 3D.
So let’s assume that I’m now on site and in front of the real stage with 16 spots instead of 12 (8 on each truss) and the physical position on truss of the Spot number 5 is not appropriate so now I want to use the Spot number 7 for that position instead of Spot number 5. (Everything is cloned)
Ok, now I select that Spot 7, adjust it to guitarist position I need, and merge it into existing preset. I trigger the preset and it’s all good but when I clear it out and call a cue, only values from the Spot 5 are here and nothing from Spot 7.
But then, if I go to edit a preset and remove (clear) the Spot 5 values, it is still in the cue as the Spot 7 is still not.
Replace command also doesn’t work.

Thank you, and I’m waiting for the life saviour :metal:


If you have add content into the preset, this last will not automatically populate the cues where it is used.

If you clone Preset + Cuelist, and then update the preset, it should work, but you have first to clone preset + cuelist in the mean time.

Preset only will not be enough . Or you will have to edit existing cuelist (one by one) and apply the preset to get the added value (bring by cloning) in the cuelist.