Adding times directly from the time option in recrd option

Hi to all !
If we could have the chance to select directly the time for the parameter ,so this would be included directly in the cue,this would certainly be a fantastic feature and a no time wasting feature!
Thank you.
Please if we already can from here from the “record option” can you please let me know how! :slight_smile:


Are you writing about fade time of parameters?
If yes, this has to be defined inside the cue content (see documentation

That’s the same about delay between fixtures.

My intention was something more easy ,something happening after pressing record using the options.
so imagine :
Press record select time 2.5 select pan tilt.
Then select time 4 select colour.
Then select time 2 select intensity etc…
So what’s happening is that cue has been store with complex times directly in one shot.
Maybe I am wrong but looks like a nice suggestion to me.

ONYX considers such timings as parameters, entering them during the record of a cue seems not intuitive and the wrong place of the workflow. This was done specifically to avoid such commands you ask for for clear separation of parameter timings and timings that are set for the whole cue.
Enter the times before recording (fade color 5 enter), then record the cue. It will be applied to the fixtures currently selected, giving you the most flexibility while keeping it simple.

Thank you guys it’s just for a better understanding of the system! thank you for the answers!

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Sorry to necro a week old thread, but this seems the right place to ask based on Giancarlo’s line of questioning.
Is it possible to TYPE a cue timing during the record process? or is this touch/click only?

Record Cue 1 Time 4 Enter?
I know its more of on ETC thing, but I’m asking in case there’s a trick I’m not aware of :wink: