Adjustment of fixture in a cuelist using the virtual console faders


I am looking for the easiest way to tweak the level of an individual fixture intensity within a cue; ideally using a fader on the virtual console.

For context; in a television studio environment, we have a set that is used for multiple shows, and each show is a single cue in a cuelist and attached to a playback button.
The key lights (x5) are in the cue list for each different show, set at the value that suits the skin tone of the regular panellists.
However - sometimes the panellists will be different and of course need their key lights adjusting away from the recorded values slightly. (typically +/- <10%).

In the past I have just done this by loading the fixture into the programmer and manually tweaking. This is fine, but what would be really nice for simplicity for non-techy operators to adjust is to have each key light also assigned to a fader on the virtual console that reflects the value already.

I tried this with the various modes but couldn’t get one to quite do what I wanted.
A Cuelist meant I had to Play it for it to be active, and then it didn’t reflect its current value - it just went to what was saved into it - which for each show is different of course. I wonder if there is a setting here that would follow the current shows cuelist value?
Inhibitive and Submaster didn’t work as it could only either subtract or add to the value, and I need adjustment in either direction.

It’s almost like I want the fixture itself assigned to the fader, rather than a cuelist type.

Thanks in advance!

If you want (I would not do it) but you could record each light as a different Sub Master and not have them in your cue stack and that
would do what you are asking for

Yeah I really wanted to keep the preset that was very close for 95% of the time, with only the occasional adjustment made easy for others.
It’s ok to continue to do it with the programmer manually, I just liked the idea of “guys just hit this nice colour coded button for the show you want, and adjust these faders to fine tune”.

Any other suggestions?
It isn’t possible to directly assign a fixture to a fader, right??

It is not. Only playbacks.

Thanks, I figured; but I’m on a roll with silly questions so felt I should check! ha!
Matthias you are the resident expert; do you have any other suggestions as to how this could be done?
i.e. get it as simple as Go>Select playback button>tweak fader…?
I’d love to keep the final user interface as clean as possible, e.g. playback buttons + virtual faders and that’s it. (I love how you can customise your workspace/view so much)!

Really appreciate the input!


What is your average output? Meaning in your cue are you running 75%. I’m not sure if this will work for you but this could be a work-around.

Record your fixtures into your different cuelist at 100%. When you playback the cue(s), makes sure the fader is at 100%. So this is maximum output of the fixtures. Then create a inhibitor for each fixture at 100% also. Then when you playback, start your inhibitors at 75% fader level. So when you need to adjust a specific fixture +/- 10%, you can move the appropriate fixtures inhibitor up or down. This example could give you a 25% increase.

This example basically is a 75% of full if left untouched. But you could tweak it to being whatever value you need (say 90%) based on how you normally operate. So then you can run the base cues on the cuelist and then adjust specific fixture on the inhibitors. The trick is to record the maximum into the cuelist and set the inhibitors just below. but make sure the inhibitors are recorded at full.

How this makes sense and that it provides a work around for you. Again, if I understand correctly.

Hope this helps,


Really appreciate the thought given to a solution!
I’ll give it a crack, as I’m not convinced I full understand the process, but I believe I get the concept.

If I understand correctly this doesn’t enable a “standard” level recall though does it? i.e. for the typical talent on set, where lights don’t require adjustment. For example on one set (this whole process is replicated across multiple sets/studios) the normal levels of the 5 key lights are all different. E.g. 23, 21, 31, 15,10 percent.
In this option would operators need to know the starting/normal levels for all key lights?

Really appreciate your input!!

Matthias; I know this is probably the most naive thing you’ve heard today; but could it be? As a feature request? Or is it too ludicrous to even suggest to the team?
I’m guessing because it isn’t there already that it is not an ‘industry standard’ thing to do - but I’m sure you see my use for its feature?
Almost an option like how one of those real basic little 6 channel lighting boards works. Just so that a fader could auto follow a channels output, but could then be manually overridden.

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