Advice on transferring to timecode

Looking for a little advice on transferring an existing show to timecode so it can be triggered by a MIDI command and automated using the internal timecode.

A few of the cuelists I have use link cues for a few loops (repeated verse and chorus, and some complicated steps etc that need to be looped).
When changing this to a timecoded cuelist, can the internal timecode understand link-cues, or would it be best to split them up into their own point cues?


You would be wiser to use Reaper audio package (it lasts forever in demo mode, you just have to wait while it loads up). Also download looper, this will allow communication between the two programs.
Now open reaper, insert your audio track. Now add another track this will be your midi timecode track. right click in the track control section and choose midi timecode, now drag the timecode to the length of your audio track. There are youtube videos on this for MPC.

Now set Obsidian to receive time code externally, in the midi section, select looper1.
in your cuestack options box set cue list to timecode.
I normally create 100 blank cues. and set in the heading learn timecode.

Now comes the tricky part, as you have to start the audio reaper track at the same time as activating the cuestack. each time you hit go , your time will be set for each cue.

if your cues are all off by .5 of a second, unfortunately you have to correct each cue manually as there is a known bug in the timecode format and using – or ++ for an entire stack corrupts the timings, and there is no undo function!!
It might be easier to adjust the timecode offset in the reaper file.
good luck.

Could you explain a little further? This is no doubt a newb question, but I’m unsure where to find some of this stuff. What is “looper”? I’ve searched for it on the web, can’t find it. Also in the MIDI section of Onyx, which tab under the I/O menu do you use? There is MIDI Settings, MIDI Devices, and Timecode which has an option for MIDI Timecode. And are you supplying your timecode to Onyx through an external port, or internally in the same machine.

I am running Onyx 4.4.1193 on a PC with an NX Wing and have Reaper 6.11/x64 running in evaluation mode on the same PC. I can run Reaper on a different PC if necessary and I have an audio interface that has MIDI out

loopmidi is an alternative free software, and yes all on the same machine.