All Martin Support Links are Inactivated

I’ve been throughout the website trying to master the M-Touch and M-Play and have run into a problem. Although the Obsidian Forum attempts to answers a question it directs you to a Link for the answer. The Link is to the Legacy Martin Support which is no longer available and the Link doesn’t work.

How can I get the answers to questions such as the ones that have dead links?


Btw, Does Elation plan to continue with the M-Touch ad M-Play?

Yes Obsidian will relaunch these under ONYX.
Share a link to the forum post you are referencing.

Thanks Matthias,

Every Link with is dead.

Here’s one example;

These are dead because Martin no longer owns the line and closed the support page.
The topics stay available on the forum as they can be still relevant.
All support is moved to, simply search for your concern and it will show.