[Altabase/4.6.1219] Issue with Quantum Profile Extended


Someone else has a issues with Quantum Profile Extended mode ?
Here is the screenshot of a quantum in highlight mode.

As you can see, 3Facet prism is used by default.

This is an old onyx show, updated to 4.16.1219. Using new fixture type “Mac Quantum profile 16-bit ext”.
Under “Beam / Selection”, the value “Stop” is set by default, I was expected “Open”.

I patch a new Quantum, no problem detected.

I am alone with this issues ?
Any clue fix my show ?

Thank you all !


Did you do the exchange to the new library. Many default “rules” changed and sometimes the new rules don’t play well with the old show libraries.
You can of course fix it by setting a custom default value

Default Preset (obsidiancontrol.com)

I didn’t do anything with the "exchange"tab. I just open this tab after loading my show, and the new fixture type “Mac Quantum profile 16-bit ext” was set (as for my Aura Standard and atomic 3000).
I don’t rember any popup except the traditional “save your show to optimize”.

Yes, I modify the default preset & the default highlight for the Quantum.

Thanks for your help Matthias.

exchange is not an automatic process, please have a look:

Patch Exchange (obsidiancontrol.com)

I read this page too fast yesterday, I miss the “exchange fixtures types” action.
Thanks for your help.