[Altabase/4.6.1219] No intensity channel on Lixada 7x12 wash moving head


I just patch some Lixada 7x12W wash moving head for a small gig in two days.

The channel 6, who supposed to be “Intensity” is now strob.

On capture 2021, it’s “dimmer”.

Also, in 4.4 lib.

Is this forum the good place to report fixture issues ?
I will create my own fixture for the gig.


**** Update ***
Same issue with the Big Dipper LM70 / Eurolite Led TMH-8 moving head spot.
It’s look to be a global problem.

Library developers do not monitor this forum.
Please report issues here : Fixture Request (obsidiancontrol.com)

Do a separate report for every fixture type.

Ok, thank you.