American DJ Pocket Crazy 8 profile? Brand New to the Forum

I’m looking for the Profile of the American DJ Pocket Crazy 8 and can’t seem to find it anywhere.

I have downloaded the profiles and the update pages and searched for the fixture here to no avail.

I’m brand new here.


Please use the Profile Request form


Welcome to M-Series. As @Ofer_Brum already mentioned the Profile Request form is the best way to get the proper profile made. @Ofer_Brum is very responsive and you’ll be in great shape.

I do want to give you an alternative in case you are short on time. Or just as a good reference for the future. @Sylvain_Guiblain has developed Fixtures Finder @nline as a cross reference. You can enter fixture parameters and it will find you the closes profile match to use. Here’s the link and again welcome.


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