An idea: Ramdisk to database RAID background backup

Dear dev.s or anyone else here,

Recently while looking at motherboards I was reminded of using the virtual storage of a ramdisk when it was listed as a feature of the motherboard. It was the MSI Z370 which has a Ramdisk utility software listed.

So I got to thinking, “I wonder if instead of being solely loaded from the ramdisk Onyx could have something sort of like a RAID for the database, where the priority is on performance with the software running from a ramdisk? Meanwhile the database gets backed up in the background to the physical storage.”

Thanks for your considerations

It sort of works partly like this already inside, most cues etc are preloaded into RAM dynamically for instant access.

It does? Even the database which is loaded when joining a show?

The ramdisk seems appealing because I would like the software to start and restart faster.